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14 Employees Completed Safety Steward Program

Talus Development along with its parent company Future Infrastructure Holdings, LLC, believe that success for our customers depends on a strong belief in safety performance. We believe that the responsibility must be taken out of the “Safety Department” and placed into the field where it is most critical to our front-line team members. Talus Development grows a culture of safety awareness through empowering all team members to do the right thing for the right reasons whether someone is looking or not, this is our integrity and our character. To facilitate this. the company utilizes a Safety Steward program to partner with company leadership in driving a positive and effective safety results.

  • We do the right things for the right reasons
  • We are equally responsible for the safety of others around us as we are for ourselves
  • We believe in having an environment where we have safe behaviors and safe conditions as the expectation.
  • Safety is foundational in growth of future leaders within the organization

Talus is pleased to say that 14 employees have completed this program within the last year. Their dedication to grow the culture of safety awareness with our company is commended. Not only did they step up to their leadership role within Talus, they have propelled our safety culture.

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